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Social Norms and Obligation Workshop

Tuesday 18th October 2016

We cordially invite registration for the Social Norms and Obligation Workshop (SNOW). The workshop will be held at the University of Sheffield on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

What are social norms? How, if at all, do social norms relate to obligations? How do social norms differ from other norms such as moral, prudential, and logical norms? Do linguistic norms count as social norms? If social norms are obligating, are different social norms obligating in different ways? Who are the subjects addressed by social norms?

Keynote: Ulrike Heuer (University of Leeds) – Title tbc.
Invited paper: Brittany French (Simon Fraser University) – ‘Two Kinds of Wronging’
Invited paper: Albert Newen (Ruhr Universitat Bochum) – ‘Whom to blame and whom to praise. A cross-cultural pilot study to prove the influence of social hierarchy for attribution of moral evaluations’
Invited paper: Ingrid Salvatore (University of Salerno) – ‘What is pluralism: Institutions, obligations, individuals’
Keynote: Anandi Hattiangadi (University of Stockholm) – ‘Logical disagreement’

Please write to Jack Warman at to register your attendance no later than the Friday 7th October. Please include your preferred name, your institutional affiliation, and your dietary preferences. Lunch will be provided. There is a fee of £15 for the workshop dinner. Please indicate whether you will be joining us for dinner.




I am organising a workshop on social norms and obligation with some friends. Here is the CfP, for more information see also the website of the workshop:


Call for Papers and Abstracts!

Social Norms and Obligation Workshop


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