Talk in Milan: Homuncularism and Group Agency

As mentioned in a previous post, I will give a talk on homuncularism and group agency in Milan tomorrow. More information on the workshop, which is about cognition in groups, can be found on the website of the organisers.

There are two ideal types of talks: There are talks where you already have a full paper before you apply and then try to tour the world with your paper. And there are talks where you submit a vague abstract and then try to figure out what you are actually saying. My talk in Milan falls into the latter category. If you plan to attend and hope to hear me talk exactly about what I promised in the abstract, you are in for a disappointment.

However, the process of writing this paper was instructive and ended with what I take to be an original and insightful argument. I will learn in the Q&A whether others agree with me.

Forthose who will not attend, a small sneak-peek: As I will argue the commonly used homuncularism does not apply to theories of group agency. Nonetheless there is a genuine worry about the homuncular nature of group agents. But this worry does not cut as deep as some might think (in particular I think Bryce Huebner overemphasised it in  his book).

What exactly is the homuncular nature of group agents? What exactly is worrying about it? How deep does the worry cut? These questions will be addressed in my talk and, perhaps, at some future point in a paper. Or it just ends in a file on my laptop.