Task List 6

A discussion of this public task list can be found in the first one.

I have the following reasons for maintaining it:

  1. It might help me to structure my own work better.
  2. Some readers might have helpful comments for how to accomplish a task.
  3. Transparency: My PhD is funded by WRoCAH i.e. by public money. If you are reading this in the UK, your tax money. In general, I presume that research can profit from a certain level of transparency.

The list is incomplete, that is I do more than I record. One reason for this is that certain tasks are finished before I ever end up putting them on this list.

Accomplished Tasks

  • Read Peter Godfrey-Smith’s Other Minds.
  • Read papers on preference change.
  • Write up paper for workshop.
  • Read Austin, Province of Jurisprudence Determined pp. 1-33, 191-200, 228-233, 253-26
  • Read Shapiro, Legality, Ch. 3


Still Unfinished Tasks

  • Practice calculating with matrices to better understand certain texts in the social sciences.
  • Read Dennett’s From Bacteria to Bach and Back. (For a seminar, see also)
  • Program preference change models in python.
  • Write abstract for a conference submission.
  • Refine draft of chapter 2 of my thesis.
  • Write abstract for a conference submission.

Note that just because a task is still unfinished does not mean that no progress has been made. Learning a skill can take a long time in particular.


New Tasks

  • Read Epstein The Ant Trap chapters 6-7.
  • Make presentation for workshop.
  • Draft chapter 7 of my thesis.
  • Read Shapiro Legality chapter 5.



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