Visit to Hamburg


I am currently in Hamburg for an internship – or more exactly a Research Employability Project – at the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS). My main role here is to support the editorial team at the HIS which publishes the Mittelweg 36 journal and maintains the Soziopolis platform.

So far I have spent most of my time editing texts, which are to be published on the Soziopolis platform. Editing the work of other persons has been surprisingly educative. Editing texts is not the only thing I am going to do, however. One of the main future projects is to publish a number of articles on topics related to my own expertise, that is roughly philosophy of the social sciences/collective intentionality. As of now, this is still more of an idea than a plan and it will take time to be realised. I cannot promise anything yet, but so far the prospects are good. In this context a contribution of my own should get published on Soziopolis. So if you are able to read German, you can look out for that.

The work at the HIS is very enjoyable and Hamburg is always a good place to be. There are a number of exhibition halls and I have already visited the Thalia theatre on previous trips. I hope to make use of these opportunities as well.

My Research Employability Project is part of my WRoCAH scholarship and heavily supported by WRoCAH.